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This is a test of how to create a post

creating a post in wish for the blog section.

First open wix, then go to the "blog" section and hit create a post. Once you go there, this window will open. Here we will create a post. We will need to add a title and then the copywrite for the actual post for the blog. At the top i can see tools to edit the text and make it look nicer, for example this is bold, this is italic and this is underlined. Now I can also change the font size to make it look bigger or smaller also we can use a highlighter to highlight something in the post, like this words here. If you click in add you will be able to add an image, a gallery, video, gift, file, etc... we can always get creative with this tool.

This is an image from unsplash and i noticed that i can style it as i want to.

We can also add a button here that can take us to somewhere else, for example if this post is talking about workshops or events or becoming a member we could redirect form here.

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